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About BitBall.io

Bitball io is an original io game with upgraded physics. It resembles the ball-shaped Bonk.io, because it also implies physical contact between the players. It is a good game where it is important to be precise. The players collide with each other, in order to push the enemy into the black hole that is absorbing balls. Moreover, there are blue and purple balls, so be careful with them. It is a new and original io game, it is worth adding to the collection of weight gaining games.

How to play

The aim is to gain as much weight as possible. To gain weight, push other balls to big black and fluffy spheres. For every ball pushed into the black sphere, you receive scores of weight. You will gain weight and improve the pushing ability. When you become bigger, you become stronger.

There are green boosters that make you a lot bigger for some time. Also, there are blue balls. If you run into a blue ball, you will become a lot smaller, it is also for some time. The purple balls are dangerous. If you run into a purple ball, you become infected by a mortal timer. When the timer burns down, the player dies. But you may transfer the infection to your enemy by means of a single touch.

Remember: blue and purple balls are active only when they are moving. If they are standing still, they don’t work. The player touches them, they fly forward, and then they become dangerous.


Click to follow the cursor

Keep mouse button pressed to speed up

bit ball io
bitball io